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'If you think you are too small to be effective - you have never shared your bed with a bed bug!' Anon

We deal with all biting insects, but by comparison bed bugs are are nastier than most! Bed bugs are nocturnal (they will avoid any form of light) During daylight hours they will hide in dark dry places, such as cracks, crevices, skirting boards, under carpets, behind loose wallpaper, beds, and electrical sockets. At night they will crawl from these resting places to feed on sleeping people, after which they return to their resting places to digest the blood meal. Under ideal conditions adult Bed bugs can live up to one year without feeding.

An adult bed bug can suck up to 7 times its own weight in blood in around 10 minutes.

Bed bugs have been known to survive over a year without feeding.

Make no mistake Bed bugs are a difficult insect to eradicate. In order to do this professional help should be sought sooner, rather than later. Unless you contact a company with a good deal of knowledge on control and eradication methods you could be stuck with the problem indefinitely. Trying to deal with the problem yourself rarely works, and usually just wastes your time and money. It will take more than a aerosol spray or two for these natural survivors. Advice taken from books and online tips can be misleading. Unfortunately there is no quick fix when dealing with such hardy parasites.

TAKE POSITIVE ACTION FAST! Of course the most sensible course of action is to call in a professional pest controller. The majority of companies are reputable and should provide you with an effective treatment, but 'not all' beware of rogue traders looking for a fast buck. Otherwise you could end up paying out a large sum of money for a failed treatment. As any genuine pest control company will tell you. Effective results are achieved by experience and understanding of these insects. Many universal insecticides no longer provide satisfactory results against Bed bugs. Therefore the latest effective ones need to be used in any treatment.

  • The female lays eggs in suitable location .i.e. cracks and crevices - close to host.
  • The pearly white eggs are 1mm long and hatch out in 1 to 2 weeks.
  • The young bugs moult 5 times before reaching the adult stage, this takes about 2 months
  • In ideal conditions an adult will live for 12 to 18 months.

What We Do

We have over 25 years of experience in dealing with pest problems. Treating Bed bugs is all part of a routine day. We like to tell our customers the facts about any treatment we carry out, so this how we would deal with your problem, and why.

Step 1: We need to know as much as possible about your problem before taking any action. We also need a positive identification where possible in order to confirm the problem is Bed bugs. Though a description of activity tells us a great deal.

Step 2: Once established we will give you a quote for you to consider before any treatment commences.

Step 3: We will give you information to just what the treatment consists of. This is usually as follows.

Step 4: You will be asked to remove and wash all bedding, and any other items from the affected areas, in conjunction with the initial treatment.

Step 5: You may be told by other companies that one visit will resolve your problem. We have not found this to be an effective solution. Our programmed treatment consists two visits with a specified gap between each visit. Beware of companies offering cheap treatments, with these monsters you get what you pay for! Effective insecticides don't come cheap, but are well worth paying for.

Step 6: We will make a set appointment to visit. The first treatment will consist of all areas of your property (including beds, carpets, and soft furnishings) being treated with a water based insecticide (this will not damage or stain). Once applied you can carry on as normal.

Step 7: After the initial treatment we will arrange a date for the follow up visit. On this visit we will carry out a second treatment with a different water based insecticide from the one used in the first treatment. This is done in order to ensure maximum effect on the infestation, and also because different types of insecticides may prove more effective depending on the situation. It also ensures that any resistance to a particular group is counteracted.

Step 8: You will receive Data sheets on the products used in your property, and an official guarantee.

Products We Use

You may want to research some of the products we use in our treatments.

Water based products

Ficam W80: Active ingredient Bendiocarb.

Tenopa: Active ingredient Alpha cypermethrin.

Cimetrol: Active ingredient Alpha cypermethrin/Tetramethrin/Pyriproxyfen

Fogging Agents

Mostyn ULV Active ingredient: Tetramethrin/D-phenothrin/Piperonyl butoxide

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