Bird Nuisance


Although most people find birds attractive and pleasant, they can create problems when not controlled. Bird droppings are particularly unpleasant being infested with disease-causing organisms, and the risk from slip hazards. In addition, the droppings are unsightly, and can cause serious structural damage to buildings.

Pigeon Mess on Window Sill - Pest Control Pigeon Problems Derbyshire


Pin (Spike) Systems are a cost effective solution for deterring birds from perching and roosting on houses and buildings. Quality Stainless Steel Spikes are fitted to gutters, ledges, window sills, pipework and other external fittings, stopping birds from perching or roosting on buildings. No harm comes to the birds, they simply move on to other more favourable locations, and the spikes are barely visible from a distance.

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We also offer a service to remove birds and any mess or debris that may be present, both inside and outside of buildings. We also fumigate and disinfect dirty and verminous properties.

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