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Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

There are about 3,500 different species of cockroach, and the vast majority of these live in the open and almost never come into contact with man. The cockroaches found indoors in temperate regions have been introduced from the tropics during the last 200 years and most of them are completely dependent upon heated buildings. The German cockroach is by far the commonest species of cockroach found in Europe.

German Cockroach


German Cockroach, Steamfly, or Shiner: For most people the idea that they may have cockroaches in their home is intensely unpleasant, but for one with an eye for such things they are elegant insects with a natural capability to survive in the most adverse conditions imaginable. The adult insects are from 10 to 15mm in length and are yellowish - brown in colour. The female is slightly larger and broader than the male, but both sexes have fully developed wings. These are not used for flying, but for gliding when they jump, for instance, from table to the floor. German cockroaches are more active during darkness, and normally spend the hours of light hidden in cracks and crevices in a warm location e.g. near ovens, radiators and around refrigerator compressors. They will eat practically anything, and are gregarious, living together in large numbers. Being excellent climbers they can move along walls and ceilings finding their way throughout buildings. The German cockroach is not normally found out of doors in this country.

Life cycle

The female lays her eggs in a brown capsule which is about 8mm long it is divided into between 30 - 40 small compartments, each containing a single egg. In the German cockroach the female carries the egg capsule, (which is glossy brown in colour) protruding from her genital aperture on her abdomen until the small wingless young nymphs are ready to hatch out. She carries them from two to four weeks before the young hatch. At room temperature the full development to the adult stage takes about six months.

Oriental Cockroach


Common Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Blackclock: This species is found in such places as kitchens, bakeries, restaurants and houses. . A disgusting odour is associated with these insects. The adults are shiny dark brown to black in colour and are 20 - 24mm in length. the males possess wings which cover about two thirds of the abdomen, but the wings of the female are reduced to short

Life cycle

Common cockroach: The egg capsule of the Common cockroach contains about 15 eggs, it is larger than the German cockroach capsule and is dark brown in colour and about 10mm in length. The female carries the capsule around protruding from her abdomen for a short period of time before depositing it in a warm sheltered situation, usually near to a food supply. After about two months it splits open and the small nymphs crawl out. The female is capable of laying up to 9 capsules. The nymphs moult 6 to 10 times increasing in size with each moult until they reach the adult stage.

Reason for control

Both species of cockroach can carry pathogenic bacteria on their bodies contaminating and spoiling food , as well as fouling and tainting it with their disgusting odour. In addition to this is the fear factor and the distress they can cause people by their presence. In domestic premises, where an infestation is present, they will manifest themselves in such places as kitchens, bathrooms, and in warm locations such as around cookers, refrigerators and boilers. In large buildings such as blocks of flats, offices, and warehouses etc, where several properties are adjoining -an infestation of cockroaches can become a real problem, and controlling them a major task.

The presence of cockroaches in commercial premises is a serious matter which should be given urgent attention. The situation is even worse if food is stored, processed, or sold there. Having such a problem could cost you your business or, at the least, a very heavy fine. Being unaware of their presence is no defence. 'The Food Safety Act 1990' states that food premises must be kept free from vermin at all times. All food premises should seriously consider preventative measures in the form of a 'Pest Control Contract' with a reputable company to safeguard their business and livelihood.

Control measures

There can be no doubt whatsoever on this matter, controlling cockroaches can only be done effectively by a reputable professional company. They are indeed a very difficult insect to control successfully. Control measures for cockroaches has become more and more complex over the years. As well as having some understanding of their biology and behaviour, and how they react to the latest methods of control; professional insecticides and correct application and frequency of use are essential factors in dealing with these biological wonders. Many millions of pounds are spent annually by companies striving for the most effective solution to the cockroach problem. So if you have a problem, and you are considering going down to your local D.I.Y. for a can of bug spray, our advice is don't bother! 'Call the experts instead!'

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