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Prevention of loss of soil fertility

Moles bring up sub soil which, when spread on the surface, prevents grass from growing. An untreated infestation leads to rapid deterioration of pasture.

Prevention of damage to machinery

Moles bring up stones as well as sub-soil in their excavations and damage to cutter bars of mowing machines, and harvesters can occur.

Prevention of crop loss

Mole workings damage vegetable production; they cause stunting of plants by disturbing the roots, and may kill young plants by allowing the soil to dry out.

Improvement in the appearance of Turf

Mole hills are unsightly and thus disfigure lawns, playing fields, golf courses, and pastures. Mole hills become invaded by grass weeds, and ants.

Helps reduce accidents

The constant tunnelling by moles, over a period of time, will cause subsidence to the land. Hidden runs can cause horses to lose their footings and fall.

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